7 Day Soap Making Intensive Business Course

This course is unique in the market and is developed specifically for those looking to start a soap making business.  

It includes the widest range of techniques and soap making methods to develop a full range of professional quality soaps to cater to all markets.  

More importantly it will guide you through the E.U. cosmetics regulations and includes a detailed business module to help you create a detailed plan to start your business.
Day 1:  Traditional Cold Process Soap Making Course
Learn about the ingredients and how they affect the soap as well as health & safety.  Then you start making your own botanical soaps from scratch, followed by layered and sculpted layered soaps and closong the course learning how to create different swirl and surface designs for your soaps including pot swirling and the Taiwan swirl.

Day 1 Evening:  Labelling & Compliance Workshop
Regulatory information for those wishing to sell their soaps.  Includes labelling, weights & measures, how to produce your product information file, how to calculte allergents, batch sheets, CPNP assessment information and more.
DAY 2:  Natural Liquid Soap & Cream Soap Making Course with a BONUS mild sufactant session
DAY 3:  Advanced Cold Process Soap Making Course
Includes funnel swirling, faux funnel swirls, mica swirling, spoon swirling, Feather/helix swirl, Spinning techniques, Soap Embeds and soap planets, Confetti soaps and soap toppings PLUS soap frosting and whipped soap making style to create toppings and pipeable soap
Day 4:  Melt & Pour Glycerine Soap Crafting and advanced techniques (Extended day)
Learn how to make simple and beautiful glycerin soaps.  These will allow you to produce quickly and efficiently whilst still not compromising on style.  This will be an extended day and include advanced techniques and loaf designs.

DAY 5:  HybridCombination Soap Crafting Course plus Cold Process Swirling Techniques (Extended day)
Learn the wonderful art of how to combine the cold process and glycerine soap methods together to create truly stunning effects, this course includes beautiful external rimmed soap styles.  You will also learn how to create technical swirls in cold process soaps.  This includes column swirling, Peacock swirling, Zebra Swirls, Exterior texturing, and much more.
Day 6:  Hot Process Soap Making & Shaving Soaps
Hot process soap making will allow you to create simply styled soaps with efficiency and speed allowing you to create a market ready product in days.  We then move on to making shaving soaps as these are very much in demand but are very different in makeup, ingredients and production than regular soap making.
Day 7:  Business Module - Developing Your Soap Business
We will cover a wide range of topics to really help you know how to plan, organize and launch your business in a time effective way.  We will look at pricing, wholesale markets and how to sell your soap!

But that's not all!!

Study Course Notes for:

  • Large Scale Soap Making Production
  • Making Milk & Honey Soaps
  • Information Guide to Rebatching Soap
  • Palm Free Soap Recipes Booklet
  • 30 Luxury Soap Formulations
  • Bonus surfactant liquid soap session
  • 10% Discount off all ingredients purchased on the course
  • Oil and butter comparison chart for soap makers

PLUS on completion of the course you will receive our certificate
"Advanced Diploma in Soap Making"

You can secure your place on this course either by paying an initial deposit of £250 or pay in full with the appropriate button below.



The Soap Making Intensive Business Course with Advanced Diploma

If you want to start your own soap making business but don't want to have to waste two years working through all the methods and design options for your range and collections, why not bypass the time consuming and energy sapping route and come to the professionals.   This course will get you making soap consistently throughout the week, meaning you are much more confident to simply dive in once back at home.  You will have a good understanding of the varying methods, styles and designs so you can get cracking on planning your own brand and product range.  With over 25 years in the industry, we can help you understand the market and look at potential market places for your soaps.

Come and start your journey with us.  Simply enroll now using the button below.  See you soon!

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I attended the 9 Day Soap Making Intensive Course in Huddersfield. There is only word that I would describe the course and that is “Fabulous”. It’s a must for anyone looking to start up in business or if you just want to do it as a hobby then you can. Sarah & Shaun run the Soap School and I couldn’t have wished for better. They made everyone feel part of the extended “Soap School Family”. I was honoured with the warmth that they showed to me and my fellow classmates. If you want to go somewhere else then that is one’s own prerogative, but Shaun and Sarah treated everyone as “people” rather than commodities. Not only was I enriched with the wealth of knowledge disseminated but most importantly I gained in terms of forming lifelong friendships.
The 9 day course was fun and broken down into manageable chunks it was suited for everyone. Normally, you go on a course where the person teaching rushes through without having patience or regard for the learner but with Sarah and Shaun it was a different learning experience. If you had a question then that would be answered in manner that was neither patronising nor condescending; Sarah and Shaun would go over the problem until you felt comfortable. Upon completion of the course you don’t just think that’s it and walk away, but where Soap School differs from the competition is with their after care service. You can call them up or send an email and they will respond to whatever issue one may have.
Shaun has many talents apart from his intellect boy can he cook I tried some amazing dishes, my stomach can vouch for that! Sarah what can I say about her but she is simply an amazing person, with a warm smile who genuinely cares about everyone; she is in my eyes, “simply the best”.

— Merlin Singh