Bee Beauty Course

Bee Beauty Course


Come and learn how to make the most of your apiary products by developing your own toiletries with your own natural hive products.
This is a 1-day speciality course to be held in Huddersfield only.  This course can be booked for a group elsewhere in the country if numbers are sufficient.
The bee beauty course has a focus purely connected with Hive products including Beeswax, Honey, Royal Jelly, Propolis, foundation wax and Honeycomb.
The course is aimed at anybody wishing to learn how to use hive products effectively in cosmetics, from beekeepers through to soap makers wishing to extend their product lines and knowledge.
As well as some great background information about the use of honey and beeswax in cosmetics and their related benefits, we will be exploring a wealth of projects for you to enjoy.
You will be making lots of cosmetics on the day including: -

  • Natural based honey soaps
  • Make natural moisturising salt scrubs
  • Making natural lip balms
  • Learn how to make traditional herbal ointments and salves
  • Fun with Goats milk and honey bath milks
  • Make bath teas
  • Anhydrous (no water) Hand and body creams

We will also look at ways of presenting them in a range of attractive ways.

After a day of learning and fun you will be taking home a whole hamper full of handmade toiletries.  You will also receive a set of fully bound course notes.  The course notes come complete with many other recipes and instructions for you to take home with you and try out at your leisure.

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