Healthy Hair Care Course

Healthy Hair Care Course


How to make Your Own Healthy Hair Care Products

Our hair defines so much about us.   We all spend time primping and preening our locks, but do we really know much about them?   This course is a full day learning about using the best ingredients to help you tame your mane in a professional upmarket way.
In recent years we have moved away from the standard hair treatments and there is now a booming market in speciality hair care products.  Ranges specifically for blonde, brunette and red heads are a must nowadays as well as products for heat treated hair with most households regularly using straighteners and other appliances to tame those wayward tresses.
Now is the time to develop your own natural healthy hair care range and capitalise on those healthy sales margins.
We will be using a range of natural ingredients and mild surfactants to formulate  for specific hair types to develop a full hair care range of products as shown below.
Come and spend the day learning how to create your own fabulous range of healthy haircare products using natural fresh and dried herbs plus a variety of other botanicals.
We will be using this range of natural ingredients for specific hair types to develop a full hair care range of products.
Come and learn how to create your own:

  •  Solid shampoo bars,
  •  Clarifying Liquid Shampoos,
  •  Conditioning Liquid Shampoos,
  •  Herbal Liquid Shampoos,
  •  Shampoos for all hair Types & Colours


  •  Nourishing Hair Conditioners,
  •  Solid Conditioner Bars
  •  Intensive Conditioning Hair masks,
  •  Conditioning Creme Rinses,
  •  Hot oils,
  •  Anti Frizz Serum.

Explore a wealth of information on natural ingredients such as herbs, tinctures, extracts, natural vitamins, oils, essential oils, waxes, film formers, proteins and butters plus some really delicious hair treats to create delicious hair treatments.
Always remember, our hair is our crowning glory.  The way our hair looks affects the way we feel, the way we express ourselves, and imparts confidence.  Beautiful hair adds beauty to a personality but it is only by having a healthy body through a balanced nutritious diet and by using natural healthy hair care products that you will achieve beautiful hair. Eat well, sleep well, and keep everything natural for your gleaming locks.
To book your place on this one day course simply click Book My Place Now or ring Soap School on 01484 310014 if you have any questions
All abilities are welcome on our courses and no prior knowledge is required, just a smile and a willingness to learn.
Take home a substantial information pack including information regarding specific properties of the ingredients, and a printed collection of recipes to compliment your hands on learning.

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