Large Scale Soap Production On A Budget Course

Large Scale Soap Production On A Budget Course


Are you looking to produce soap on a larger scale abroad using locally produced oils?
We can show you how to make large batches of cold processed soaps ideally suited to setting up a soap making cooperative abroad.  
We have trained many people who have set up businesses in Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Portugal, Australia, Nethelands, Luxemburg, Spain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt to name a few.  
Scaling up your production will mean different things to different people.  Some will currently be making 1kg batches and will wish to start making 6kg batches.  Others will already be making 6kg+ batches and want to be making 25 - 100kg at a time.  On this theory based course you will learn how to increase your batch sizes in a cost efficient and time efficient manner easily.  
We will discuss production layout, Equipment and equipment suppliers for producing larger quantities, Increasing time efficiency throughout your manufacture and much more.
Professional Soap Making – Scaling up production on a budget and saving money

  • How to produce Larger Batch Sizes Efficiently
  • Equipment required for larger batch sizes
  • How to source equipment on a tight budget
  • How to speed up your production
  • How to turn around your orders faster
  • Cutting equipment
  • Finishing techniques and equipment
  • Stamping soaps
  • Effective ideas for using your waste and trimmings
  • How to protect profit margins
  • Discounting Lye Solutions
  • Recipes provided for batch sizes from 10 kg to 100kg in a wide variety of oils.

You have already learnt how to make your soap in small batches but now need to step up your batch sizes to meet your increasing order demands.   

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