Male Grooming & Gentlemen’s Products Course

Male Grooming & Gentlemen’s Products Course


With gents toiletries set to be one of the two highest growth industries in the next few years can you afford to ignore this market?
The male cosmetics market has grown by more than 900% in the last 10 years!!!  Can you afford to ignore this market?
With more and more men working in services and having occupations where personal appearance has become a key factor of success, it is hardly a surprise that males are growing more vain. Considering the strong social and cultural trends that push the market, it's clear that male grooming products have great potential, even if men’s behaviour is changing slowly. (hehe)
Come and spend the day looking at a whole range of products formulated and designed specifically towards make grooming.
Which fragrances suit the masculine range?
Fragrance formulations for over 20 gents fragrance and essential oil blends provided
Colouring effects information
Ideas for packaging to the male market
Just look at all the items you could include in your male grooming range:

  • Hand Salves
  • Sweat Rash Products
  • Salts and Mineral Baths
  • Scrubs
  • Deodorising foot products
  • Bath Bombs
  • Wind Burn Protection
  • Lip Salve
  • Soaps
  • Shaving Soap
  • Shaving Cream
  • Pre & Post Shaving oil
  • After Shave Balms

Full course notes will be provided giving an extensive range of recipe formulations for you to experiment with so any projects not made on the day can still be enjoyed.

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