Soap Boot Camp - Including Labelling & Compliance Workshop

Soap Boot Camp - Including Labelling & Compliance Workshop

from 100.00

There is no other way to describe this course but EXTREME!
The Soap School are opening the doors to it's Soap Boot Camp being held in Regents University, Regents Park, Central London and in Huddersfield.

There is no requirement for any previous experience but even experienced soapers will still learn plenty of new techniques and tricks on this 2 day course.

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Just look at the programme:
Day 1
Starting at the beginning and then moving on to more advanced techniques such as layering and swirl soaps.  Lots of fun in a hands on soap workshop learning the skills of making traditional soaps using natural ingredients to a professional level.
Traditional Cold Process Soap Making
Brief history and basic chemistry of soap making
Necessary materials, ingredients and equipment
Safety aspects of working with sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)
Colouring soap naturally with herbs, spices & clays
Using pure essential oils to fragrance your soap effectively
Learn how to create swirl effects
Creating highly visual layered soaps
Preparation of your moulds and moulding options
Insulating, cutting, curing and storing your finished soap
Labelling & Compliance Workshop - finishes around 7.30 p.m.
This is a must do course for anybody making their own products.
Every part of the labelling is regulated and it is a minefield to know what needs to be listed and in exactly what format.  
Do you know what the declarable allergens are within your fragrance and essential oils?
Do you know to calculate them and how to show them on your labels?
Do you know how to use the correct way to declare your ingredients on the label?  Can you use the correct INCI format for your ingredients and are you aware of the ways that you are legally allowed to declare your ingredients?
Do you know how to show the product shelf life?
Are you fully aware of how the weights or measures apply to your product?
Do you know what must be labelled and what does not require a label?
Here are just a few of the things we will be covering on the session:

  • Safety assessments/Certification
  • Labelling - The what, why, how, where and when guide!
  • CI or colour index numbers
  • INCI
  • Jargon buster and abbreviation guide
  • Best Before
  • Allergen declarations
  • Hazards and warnings
  • Weights & measures
  • Trading Standards

Day 2
If you thought day 1 was fabulous just wait until day 2!  
Start the day with the Soap School taking you through the skills and techniques to make your own

  • Natural liquid soaps
  • Shower Products 

Liquid soaps outsell bar soaps 8:1 so this a real bonus in any soap making repertoire.  If that isn't reason enough, then the feel of it will certainly persuade you.  Washing with a handmade liquid soap is like washing with liquid silk and you will never use another detergent based soap again once tried.
Whilst the process takes several hours we will have plenty of time to talk about   Cream soaps which are still mostly undiscovered in the UK but are one of the most delicious and exciting soaps to create.  It's natural soft texture lends itself to several exclusive soap products and we will explore these includin making a luxury shaving cream.
The numbers are strictly limited and will go fast so to ensure you get your place you can pay just a £100 deposit.
I am sure you will have lots of questions so please do feel free to ask us any questions either by telephoning us on 01484 310014 or via email
I am so excited to be able to bring this Soap Camp to you but even happier that I can offer it to you at such an amazing price.