Hybrid soap making is an advanced level course and you will require prior knowledge of making cold process soaps before attending this course.

Soap School's Hybrid soap making course teaches you the skills and techniques of correctly combining the mixed media of traditional cold process soap and the modern melt and pour glycerine soap making methods to create a whole new process known as hybrid soap making or cpmp.  

Mixed media hybrid soaps bring a fun design element into the soaps which cannot always be possible using single media and it allows light and luminescence to be brought into the soap as a unique design element.

These new hybrid soaps create stunning visual effects allowing you a whole new line of stylish products for your collection as well as those who love to push the boundaries of soap making artistry and creativity.  

To attend this course you must already have a working knowledge of CP soap making but no knowledge of m&p soap making is required.  

 Join us for a fabulous day creating these stunning looks for only £125.

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