Soap School provide professional soap making and natural cosmetics courses to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own cosmetics business.
The beauty of our online courses are they are work at your own pace and do not require you to be on at a specific time, 
thus fitting around your schedule and other commitments.

There is no time limit to complete the courses within and you can always ask questions along the way through the course.

Afterwards you will still have ongoing access to the course materials and videos, thus you can always come back to refresh as needed. 

Professional soap making courses online

A complete step-by-step program to get you making soap and launching your business in just 8 weeks!

Plan and developed your own soap making business with a clear target market, identity and brand.

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Soap Making Business in a Box

With this complete online program you will very quickly be making your own natural cold process soap.

If you want to learn how to make beautiful natural handmade soaps using delicious plant oils and skin nourishing ingredients this is the course for you.

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How To Make Natural Soap

Learn How To Make Your Own Aluminium Free Deodorants That Work

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances and hello to all-natural, homemade deodorant that keeps you fresh and helps reduce packaging and waste. 
Join our e-class today and take the first step in positively impacting your health and the planet.

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How To Make Natural Deodorants

With this complete online program you will very quickly be making your own male grooming products.

Learn more about the growing business opportunities in the men's grooming market. Start to make your own beard oils, beard and moustache wax, as well as shaving products to help the men in your life look good and feel great.

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How To Make Male Grooming Products

How to Make Pet Products Course

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Would you like to learn how to make your own pet care & pet grooming products? The good news is you can learn how to make your own animal care and grooming products… and you could even earn money selling them! 

We believe in using delicious natural ingredients but why should you not treat your fur babies with items as good as the things you use on your own skin?

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If you are looking for something positive to do, a way to create nourishing natural products to help counteract dry skin from the hand sanitisers, something that can be a benefit to your business, then this is the course for you!

Learn to make the perfect body butters, balm, salves, ointments, scrubs and massage products to nourish, protect and smooth your skin to moisturised awesomeness.

Body Butters, Balms & Body Care Course

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Have you been worried about the devastating impact of plastic on the environment. Conscious of the important and active move towards plastic free packaging? 

You can learn how to make your own… and you could even earn money selling them and make a difference to our environment, that would be a double win!” 

How to Make Shampoo Bars Course

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Are you conscious of the important and active move towards plastic free packaging? Maybe already buying or making shampoo bars and thought, “I’d love to learn how to make conditioner bars myself too? 

Well, the good news is you can learn how to make your own… and you could even earn money selling them and make a difference to our environment!

How to Make Conditioner Bars Course

Glycerine soaps are very moisturising to the skin, easy and quick to make, but most of all, incredibly fun!

You will learn the core staples and techniques to enable you to create a wide range of stunningly beautiful soaps at home in a few hours.

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Melt and Pour Glycerine Soap Making - Level 1

An essential guide to cosmetic regulations and labelling requirements for those wishing to sell soap and cosmetics in Europe.

If you are wanting to make and sell cosmetic items that are used on the skin or hair, they are required to be safety assessed before they can legally be sold within the UK.

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Cosmetic Labelling & Regulations Course

With soy candles being such a HOT item, this is the perfect time to add your own range of soy candles to your brand or simply learn how make beautiful candles for personal use in your home and to share with friends and family.

Making handmade candles is a rewarding and fun skill for all abilities. 

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Eco Soy Container Candle Making Course

Do you love candles and spend a fortune buying them? Are you wanting to learn how to make beautiful pillar candles with natural waxes? We are currently developing this course and we know you are going to love it!

Making handmade candles is a rewarding and fun skill for all abilities. 

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Pillar Candle Making Course

If you love home fragrance and want more options than just candles, we have you covered!

This course is a fragrant heaven and you will learn how to make reed diffusers, room spray to luxury home fragrance options like aroma crystals and so much more. From hobby to new items for your business or spa, you are going to find everything you need in this course to create the perfect home fragrance products!

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Home Fragrance Course

Don’t waste anymore valuable time trying to figure everything out on your own when trying to start your own candle business.
We show you not only how to make candles from scratch even if you are a beginner, but we also walk you through the essential steps you need to start a candle business and our expertise will save you a tonne of time and money as you build your own candle making business.

Get started right now!

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Flame to Glory Candle Business Coaching

Very intensive, packed with valuable information. Excellent practical exercises to reinforce learning. Course covered everything you could possibly need to start or expand your business. Got loads of new ideas for product and methods of production."


"The training style was great, paced right and easy to understand. Great handouts with lots of information and recipes! I've already booked onto more courses."


"I thought Shawn explained all aspects of the course really well and was more than happy to answer all my questions. It's actually one of the best courses I have attended. I loved making all the different types of soaps and loved how you can make these without having to buy expensive equipment. I’ll be booking more courses with you and would highly recommend you to others."


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