Safety Assessments

We are thrilled to have partnered with Cosmetic Safety Solutions be able to offer CPSR safety assessments based on our course recipes.
Please note that these CPSR Safety Assessments are only available for those who have attended our Soap School live courses or purchased our online courses. 

Conditioner Bars CBX2 CPSR

We also have an additional CPSR assessment for conditioner bars using our CBX2 formulation which is the extra conditioning recipe. It has all of the same wonderful essential oil blends and clay option but has double the conditioning ingredients, richer emollients plus the plant proteins and is more suited to dry, damaged, treated hair and is perfect for type 4 Afro Caribbean hair types that need that something extra.


Conditioner Bars CB1 CPSR

The CB1 Formulation is our classic core recipe. It covers all hair types and gives soft, conditioned & shiny hair.
Comes with 8 wonderful essential oil blends and flexi-clay option, plus with the option to upgrade to the 'Max' version which includes a full collection of additional colours.