The advanced melt and pour soap making course will show you stunning visual effects and ideas to give your product and sales that market edge and unique look. Learn fabulous new ways to create surface decoration and up market soap cakes and gateaux’s.

You will be learning how to develop your skills in:

  • External soap rims and crusts
  • Soap Cakes
  • Melt & Pour Swirling Techniques
  • Cup Cake Designs and decorative flower bars
  • Soap Gateaux
  • Confetti designs
  • Use of Soap Transfers
  • New herb crust effects
  • Hand Sculpted Flowers
  • Highlighting surface detail
  • How to use texture
  • Advanced Loaf Designs
  • Plus many brand new designs and techniques

Many of the previous attendees have made their course fees back within one days sales from the new projects they learnt!

Come and see how to take this craft much much further than simply melting and pouring.

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