Do you already know how to make bath bombs and basic bath treats but are looking for something for more challenging and exciting to add to your range?

Take your fizzy and Bath Treats into a whole new league by learning stunning new techniques and effects on the Soap Schools advanced bath treats & fizzy course.
"Create bathing treat that will compete with any of the top brands"
We will be making:

  • Bath Bomb Frostings
  • Bubble Bath / Bath Dough Bars
  • Advanced Bath Creamers
  • Bath Truffles to die for
  • Foaming Bath Bombs
  • Stunning Bath Mallows
  • Designer Bath Fizzies
  • Moisturising Bath Treats
  • Learn the secrets of how to create the piped bath toppings
  • Learn how to add foam and bubbles to your fizz!

“Stunning new looks and visual effects with bath treats to give your soap business that market edge”
NOTE: You do not have to attend our Fizziology course to attend this course.  This is a stand alone course and is suitable for all abilities.

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