Mineral Makeup and Colour Blending Course

Find out what makes mineral make-up so special and why it’s now so incredibly popular.  Make your own mineral make-up and save a fortune on shop prices!
On the course you will be making your own full range of mineral makeup products inclusing colour corrector, mineral foundation, blusher, bronzer plus a full collection of bespoke eye shadows.
Learn the secrets of making your own professional quality mineral makeup, plus a deeper understanding of colours, what they are, how to blend them and how to use them effectively within each of your cosmetic groups.

  • Mineral Foundations
  • Colour corrector / concealer
  • Blushers
  • Bronzing Powders / Illuminating Powders
  • Natural Eye Shadows

The knowledge you receive from this course will give you a whole new understanding of ways to develop and bring out the true beauty of your own handmade soaps and cosmetics using colour to inspire, tempt and thrill your clients.  

  • Learn the importance of good colour blending for mineral make-ups, which is highly specialised.  
  • Determine the right combination of all natural colour pigments for your skin tone.
  • Learn the techniques for creating your own vast range of hues from the colour spectrum.  
  • See how to take a few simple colours and produce unique shades for your own cosmetic products.  
  • Learn the tricks of true colour blending to create hundreds of unique colour blends.  
  • Understand which colour work with which and why.  See how to use a colour wheel to your best advantage.  
  • Learn the difference between pigments, dyes, micas and lakes.  
  • Understand how to use them in isolation and in effective groups to create the right effects in your cosmetics.    

Learn how the finish and qualities of the ingredients affect the feel and effectiveness of your makeup including:

  • Opacity
  • Translucency
  • Luminocity
  • Adhesion
  • Glide
  • Matt, lustre, satin sheen finishes
  • Fillers
  • Binders

The extensive guide and handout provides over 100 formulations and recipes for you to enjoy.
You will make enough products on the day to more than cover the cost of the course too – what a bonus!!

Book onto the course now and have fun with colour on our one day mineral make up and colour blending course.

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