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Marmite Mia – Here We Go Again Soap!

  1. Lesley says:

    Do you use sustainable palm oils in your ingredients in order to help save our orangutans from extinction.. There has been so much press about the destruction of forests for palm oil resulting in homeless Orangutans.

    • Sarah Janes says:

      Hi Lesley, we have been using responsibly sourced palm oil since it was introduced years ago and promote the use of RSPO to our students. We do now, however, promote the practice of stopping the use of palm oil. It produces 8 times as much oil as other crops which would simply mean moving the problem and deforestising even larger areas to cover the use fo oils within a variety of industries. Sadly the largest threat to rainforests is not palm plantations but beef cattle for South American areas like Brazil which decimate the land leaving it useless for any use at all within months.

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